Our Values

Values For Finding The Right Mediator.

Mediation is a powerful tool for resolving disputes. Finding the right mediator is crucial to the success of the process.

Your Choice

There are many qualified neutrals who can work on your case. Choosing the right one requires faith in more than just the mediator's skill. Strong, effective mediation requires a dedication to work the process in an energetic manner with a foundational commitment to proceed with the utmost regard for the rights of all participants. It is not enough that mediation participants know that they are being heard, they need to know that their voice matters.


Trusting a mediator requires a strong belief that they will work the process with the same diligence, passion and creativity that you bring to your cases as a trial lawyer. We understand the solemn commitment we undertake when lawyers place a case in our hands. We know that we must earn and maintain trust in every mediation we conduct and we are honored to do that in every case you place with us.


Neutrality is one of the defining pillars of the mediation process. Our mediators come from different trial backgrounds. Lawyers often spend more time on one side of the “v” than the other during the course of a trial career. At ADRsource, we apply our respective trial backgrounds in a neutral and agnostic manner for the benefit of the process. A background in trial law, stripped of all bias, provides vital context for the process of dispute resolution.