Paulina Carrasco

Case Manager

Managed Mediators

Paulina Carrasco

Case Manager

Paulina is a native of Chile. She immigrated to the United States where she became a citizen in conjunction with her pursuit of education and opportunity in her new home. Paulina earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Sacred Heart University. Her love of justice led her to pursue and earn a second degree in Legal Studies from Daytona State College.

Paulina has successfully organized thousands of mediations across more than a decade of high level case management. She is particularly skilled in the management of complex multi-party cases and understands the challenges associated with organizing and scheduling dozens of participants. Paulina strives to make the process of organizing a mediation as smooth as possible for the hard-working staff of the attorneys and law firms who entrust their cases to us. 

Paulina is fluent and comfortable communicating in both English and Spanish.

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